Black & Decker ASI300 Air Compressor Review


It is possible to inflate car wheels and tractor, balloons, inflatables and many other things. This filling station is flexible and can be used as a mobile operation with 12 V or 230 V. Two connecting cables are integrated into the device. Set the desired number of bar through the dial - it is also possible in the dark because the screen is illuminated in orange - Turn on the device and the pump starts to work. The unit will automatically turn off once the desired number of bar is reached. 3 different adapters provided for the most common uses.

  • Ideal for tires, sports equipment / leisure and water activities
  • Digital Setting automatic desired pressure and stop at the end of inflation
  • Luminous dial for optimal visibility at night
  • Storage compartments for cables
Technical Specification
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 308 x 172 x 203 mm
  • Operating pressure (range): 11 bar (max)
  • Supply voltage: 12/230 V
Customer Reviews

I wanted a compressor operating in the 12v cigarette lighter in an emergency, and 220v for camp to avoid draining the battery, especially in winters. As such Black & Decker recommends not using the compressor when the engine is running.

The scaling is done by PSI / BAR. The screen indicating the pressure is back-lit and can be read even in the depths of a dark garage. Lighting like some competing model would still have been a plus, especially to connect the tip to the tire.

You can simply set the desired pressure (It stops when the pressure reached pressed), or press the power button.

I think he lacks the screw cap for old bicycle inner tube.Effective, it fulfills its role.

Only downside is it’s a little difficult to use at first but otherwise super compact because it is always in my trunk without taking up much space.
I say great alternative to those who do not want it up with a large compressor in the garage.

Einhell Bt-ac 200/24 Air Compressor Review


For small jobs, air Bt-24L ac 200/24 Of Einhell Compressor is an essential tool for any handyman.
Indeed, It often tinker's interest to buy a compressor because with compressed air, you can use some tools more easily, inflating tires, making painting, etc.

This device provides a real energy reserves can replace yours for a number of important functions.
It can power a variety of pneumatic tools (hammer, chisel, paint gun, sander, etc.), thereby eliminating or facilitating the most laborious tasks.

The air compressors are used to quickly perform demanding tasks by giving you the power and precision of pneumatic tools.

The air tools are often more efficient than their electric similar because it is air pressure and not an electrical impulse that causes the mechanism to activate.

Technical Description:
  • Supply voltage: 230 V ~ 50 Hz,
  • Power: 1100 W,
  • Speed: 3550 rpm
  • Pressure (Bar): 8
  • Cylinders: 1
  • Tank capacity: 24 L,
  • Volume of air returned to 0 bar: 139 l / min,
  • Volume of air returned to 4 bar: 77 l / min,
  • Volume of air returned to 7 bar: 63 l / min,
  • Handle,
  • Complete protection cover on engine block
  • Large transport wheels
  • Drain valve,
  • Stand with sucker for good stability,
  • Pressure to adjust the air pressure returned,
  • Pressure gauge and valve for regulating the air flow restored,
  • Air filter,
  • Check valve,
  • Safety valve
  • Oil!
  • Special treatment anti-rust tank guaranteed 10 years
  • Compressor maintenance free! No lubrication needed, so no oil level to do!
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Capacity tank: 24Litres

Ryobi 1100 Watt Air compressor Review

Product Description:

The air compressor 10 bar integrates a variety of tools and accessories. Very practical, it is easy to move thanks to its large diameter wheels. Also easy to store, this compressor integrates compartments and storage spaces. It includes accessories and a storage compartment for hose 7.5 m. Comes with the 15 accessories; it allows a multitude of convenient stapling, nailing, inflating. Its built-in pressure gauge allows easy adjustment of pressure. This pump has no air compressor lubrication. In a motor power of 1100 Watts, the tank has a capacity of 11.35 l. Ryobi innovates with this powerful compressor, practical and ergonomic.

Technical Specification

  • Brand: Ryobi
  • electric motor
  • Power 1100 W
  • Power (W) 1100
  • Tank capacity (L) 11.35
  • Pressure (bar): 10
  • Dimensions (cm) L. 57 cm x l. 37 cm x H. 41 cm
  • Weight (kg) 14.5
  • Flexible 6.35m
  • Air gun
  • Tip inflating tires
  • Rubber tip blow
  • Tip blowing brass (2 models)
  • Male quick connector (2 models)
  • female connector
  • regulated adapter
  • Gauge of inflation
  • Teflon sealing tape
  • 2 years warranty